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Green Tea was first brewed in China, where it was known as a `MIRACLE MEDICINE. In her book, 'Green Tea: The natural secret for a healthier life', Nadine Taylor states that green tea has been used as a medicine in China for at least 4000 years. Today  research shows us how true that ancient claim was. Green tea, with its medicinal properties, is a boon for the health-conscious and a wonder, even to modern science. The benefits of green tea are many.

Inhibits Cancer:
The main ingredient in Green tea, Epigallocatechingallate (EGCG) inhibits the growth of cancer. The latest good news about Green tea comes from a study done at the Karolinsska Institute in Stockholm. A team of researchers headed by Dr. Yihai Cao found that Green tea can block Angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels that tumors need, in order to grow. In an interview, Dr. Cao explained that the polyphenols in Green tea prevent Angiogensis, which also explains why green tea is effective in preventing cancer. According to Dr. Hasan Mukhtar, Professor and Research Director of Case Western University, Cleveland, studies have shown that the risk of stomach cancer goes down as consumption of Green tea goes up.

Prevents High-Blood Pressure and Heart Disease:
With the chaos of our daily lives, we can do without the added tension of high blood pressure, which can result in heart problems. Scientific studies show that daily consumption of green tea can prevent high blood pressure. 3 to 4 cups of Green tea a day can substantially reduce an individuals risk of heart disease and stroke.

Boon for Dieters:
Green Tea can actually help burn Fat.
In November 1999, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Published the results of study at the University of 
Geneva, in Switzerland. Researchers found that men who were given a Green tea extract burned more calories, since Green tea helped to excrete more fat.

Strengthens Immune System:
Our body needs to be strong enough to fight common diseases like the flu and other infections. Green Tea helps to strengthen a weak immune system, guarding us from illness and infections that take a long time to heal.


Lowers the Blood Sugar Level:
The extract of Green tea has the ability to actually lower blood sugar. It is believed that both the EGCG and polysaccharides in Green tea are factors in lowering blood sugar.

Oral Hygiene and Dental Care:
Fluoride in
Green tea protects tooth enamel and EGCG reduces the development of bacteria growing in the plaque. Green tea can also kill other oral bacteria, which cause bad breath. It also stimulates the production of saliva and reduces the harmful acids that are formed in the mouth.

Prevents Ageing:
Oxygen is very important to us, but it can also be a very harmful agent in form of active or free radical oxygen. One way to slow the ageing process is to prevent the accumulation of active oxygen in our body. This can be done by antioxidants, which are strongly present in Green tea.


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